Friday, January 20, 2017

Top 5 Books by Christina Philippou

Welcome. Today's guest blogger is Christina Philippou. Christina’s writing career has been a varied one, from populating the short-story notebook that lived under her desk at school to penning reports on corruption and terrorist finance. When not reading or writing, she can be found engaging in sport or undertaking some form of nature appreciation. Christina has three passports to go with her three children, but is not a spy. Lost in Static is her first novel. Give her a read.

By the way, the reason you aren't finding my usual eclectic mix of musings is because I'm in the middle of a blog tour to help introduce Mystery Thriller Week. If you're an avid reader of mystery/thriller works, this is the link to click on.

Hello and thank you for having me on the blog today for the Mystery Thriller Week blog tour!

I have thought long and hard about my top 5 mysteries and thrillers and have concluded, in no particular order:


Bedlam by BA Morton: Twisted crime/ mystery/ psychological suspense/ thriller story with sprinkles of literary and coming-of-age about Joe, a wrecked cop treading water (well, mainly alcohol) since the disappearance of his girlfriend, Kit, who is the only one that won’t believe she’s dead….

 Sewing the Shadows Togehter

Sewing the Shadows Together by Alison Baillie: When the news that the man convicted for Shona’s murder is being released on review of DNA evidence hits, old friendships, seemingly strong relationships, and family ties all fall under a web of suspicion. This is Agatha Christie-esque crime writing set in a modern world.
 The Corpse Role

The Corpse Role by Keith Nixon: The discovery of a corpse and the subsequent investigation involving corruption, ex-cops, gangsters and an evasive link between the players (old and new) is wonderfully intertwined with the story of one of those involved. Highly original, Fast-paced, tightly-plotted, page-turning crime.

 Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: A hard-hitting psychological thriller about a girl that cuts words into her skin and blames herself for, well, most things. Brilliantly written, craftily plotted and scarily believable.
 Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie: One of my favourites from the queen of crime about a murder of an insufferable man and an (over?)abundance of clues and suspects skillfully intertwined in the multi-layered plot.


Lost in Static by Christina Philippou

Lost in Static
Sometimes growing up is seeing someone else's side of the story. Four stories. One truth. Whom do you believe? Callum has a family secret. Yasmine wants to know it. Juliette thinks nobody knows hers. All Ruby wants is to reinvent herself. They are brought together by circumstance, torn apart by misunderstanding. As new relationships are forged and confidences are broken, each person's version of events is coloured by their background, beliefs and prejudices. And so the ingredients are in place for a year shaped by lust, betrayal, and violence...


Lost in Static is available from, amongst others, Amazon UK, Amazon US, and direct from the publisher, Urbane Publications.


  1. A fine reading list. Congrats on the publication of your novel. Wishing you much success.

  2. Lovely post and a fantastic list of books. I also love Agatha Christie by my favourite is And then there were none.


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